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Designed to be 25m 82ft across and set on a metre-long 75ft cartridge sitting on six wheels, this crossbow was always intended to be used for intimidation purposes rather than ever shot in anger.

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A large crank would need to be drawn back to set the bow, via a gear operation, before letting fly following a few swift bangs with a mallet on the trigger. The barrelled organ.

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Widely seen as the predecessor of the modern-day machine gun, this was another prototype worked up for Duke Sforza at a time when cannons were notoriously hard to handle, often causing as much damage to those doing the firing as the unfortunate souls actually being fired on. With 33 small-calibre cannons, divided into three groups of 11 each, under a multi-barrel organ-type shell, the device allowed users to reload and continue firing simultaneously a third set of cannons would also be allowed time to cool.

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The viola organista. While Leonardo probably based it on the 12th-century hurdy-gurdy, his update crucially avoids gaps between sounds. The self-propelled cart.

And like most of his prototypes and models that rarely made it beyond the design stage, the success of this particular concept can be measured by the obvious ease with which it can stand as a template for what was to follow centuries later — in this case, the motor car. Powered by two symmetric, coiled springs and a balance wheel similar to those used in timepieces to smooth out the ride, it was designed to travel in straight lines or, if pre-set, to turn at angles.

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The paddle boat. Propelled by two large pedals, linked by a belt and turned by a crank system, the gearing mechanism Leonardo invented would ensure continuous motion and increased speed. His continued studies of waterborne vehicles led him to consider designs for submarines, diving suits and dredgers. The Colossus.

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Attempting to construct a foot-tall 7. But then, just as he was reaching some sort of solution to his artistic conundrums, the duke was worried about an impending war with France and insisted Leonardo scrap the whole thing to use the bronze for cannons. Leonardo was heartbroken, and even more so when he learned that the victorious French army used his design model for target practice.

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This item is a special order that could take a long time to obtain. Description Details Customer Reviews Bible teacher Herbert Lockyer presents brief biographical sketches of the stirring deeds and extraordinary accomplishments of some of the greatest men of God in church history. Though human, with their own faults, flaws, and missteps, these men had a passion to serve God in a needy world, and their stories still thrill our hearts and create within us a desire to follow Christ, wherever He may lead us.

Their influence and encouragement of God's church continues to build up the faith of believers, even today. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one!

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